SEAL Class of 2023 Emeritus Members

Skip Allcorn - Coastal Construction Products
Kenny Brown - Tom Brown. Inc. 
Brendan Garvin, Sr. - Garvin Construction Products
William Harrell - Coastal Construction Products


Membership to the SEAL Emeritus is limited to retired SEAL distributors and manufacturers who have made a significant impact in SEAL and in the sealant and waterproofing industry. The intention of the Emeritus Membership is to foster the engagement and experience of our past members. SEAL  recognizes the value of those who came before us and built an organization its current board and members strive to honor.

Do you know a former SEAL member who has spent a significant time in the waterproofing industry and has served on the SEAL board, attended multiple years of meetings, served on a SEAL committee or was an extraordinary leader as a SEAL member? If you do, please fill out an Emeritus Nomination Form below.

Once returned to SEAL, the nomination is sent to the Membership Committee who reviews the applications, conducts a reference check and if approved by their committee presents the new applicant to the SEAL Board for a vote. If the board votes to accept the application it is then sent to all SEAL members and requires an 80% vote for acceptance.

Emeritus Membership 

  • Every year new members will be added to the website.
  • Every 2-4 years Emeritus members and their spouse/guest will be invited to the SEAL Fall meeting
  • A special event will be hosted for the Emeritus Membership at the invitation meetings
  • Emeritus Members receive free registration for themselves and a guest. (hotel and travel expenses not included)

Emeritus Membership Form


Contact our SEAL Executive Director, Leticia Harnung
Email: [email protected]