SEAL 2020 Fall Webinar Series 

The Current Economic Impact to the Construction Industry and How to Respond with Virtual Sales

The SEAL Education Committee brought members four outstanding speakers to address the current state of affairs of our industry brought on by the pandemic restrictions and how many are responding to provide high quality sales and service. SEAL Members invited their sales and marketing staff, along with other management staff and consultants, to learn about how our companies have been affected and get ideas of how to respond.

The webinar series was presented over two days and included presentations by these experts:

Connor Lokar                     Marcus Sheridan               Greg Weyman                      Zach Williams
ITR  Economics                IMPACT                               Market Thrive                      Venveo
Connor Lokar is the key ITR consultant to the construction industry.  Founded in 1948, ITR Economics is the oldest privately held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the US, with a long-term accuracy rating of 94.7%.  Connor’s presentation covered these key components and more: Review of short-term and long-term economic forecasts. Leading economic indicators of utmost importance to watch. Time-sensitive current events; current events of public concern and how to expect them to affect the audience's businesses, as well as instructions for moving forward.
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Marcus Sheridan, IMPACT
Virtual Sales Mastery 

As the company founder, Marcus has established one of the most successful digital sales and marketing agencies in the country and has been called the “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times. His presentation included the why and how to train your sales team to use today’s technology effectively. 

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Greg Weyman, Market Thrive 
Revenue in a Post-Pandemic World

2020 has changed everything! Customers are no longer accessible for face to face meetings today and yet want more convenient, faster ways to do business. Both manufacturers and distributors need to shift to building more relationships online, to think beyond making online buying easier to a comprehensive digital marketing, sales and customer service strategy that addresses speed of delivery and proactive communication to build trust and value. This session explored ways to drive and grow new revenue and develop a holistic digital marketing strategy. Greg has a history of leading digital transformation. He founded Market Thrive to help industrial brands transform sales and marketing to direct ecommerce sites or online marketplaces. 

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Zach Williams, Venveo
Staying Ahead of the Shift in How Your Audience Finds & Purchases Your Product
COVID-19 has changed everything we think about building materials purchase behaviors.  While that may seem like an obvious statement, it's truer than you may know.  This session looked not only at data that shows how that has impacted industry professionals' purchase behavior, but it also looked at strategies and tools for targeting these professionals moving into 2021 based upon the data.
 Zach's presentation is not available.  You may reach out to Zach at this email address:  [email protected]